About us

Film studio "AKNURfilm" has all the necessary resources to carry out a full cycle of production of audio-video movies. work experience includes studio c 2012. Our mission - to create social, documentaries, feature films, TV series, which will change our country for the better.

Our team:
✔ Director (Art Director)
✔ Manager
✔ Operator
✔ Script
✔ Sound director
✔ Editor (Video designer)
✔ Artist

Our services:
✔ Film Production from scratch, from writing the script to the film presentation
✔ Video clips
✔ Infomercial
✔ Music videos
✔ Viral videos
✔ Corporate Video
✔ Infographics
✔ Presentation film
✔ News stories
✔ Documentaries
✔ Shows
✔ Postproduction
✔ Sound-Production

Studio AKNURfilm invites professional actors and actresses, as well as everyone to take part in the filming of films, advertisements and public service announcements.
Follow the link to create the basis of actors: http://baza-kino.ru